Snapshot sampling test

This test is FREE, but the settings are preset to defaults and cannot be changed. You will need an account if you would like to create snapshots with customized settings. Registration of account is FREE of charge.

Once a web address is submitted, the result section below will automatically be refreshed once every 15 seconds until the snapshot is ready. A typical snapshot should take a minute or two to generate, however if the targetted page contains too many pictures, or if there is a network congestion, the waiting time will be longer.

NOTE: Website with Flash or Silverlight content may not display correctly with the default preset values (especially the page delay of 3 seconds - the Flash may still be in loading or in frame transiting stage). To obtain a more accurate result, we strongly encourage you to register an account and use the Snapshot Tool for such tests.


Snapshot idle.
  • Browser: Internet Explorer
  • Master Timeout: 30 seconds
  • Page Timeout: 25 seconds
  • Page Delay: 3 seconds
  • Snapshot Size: 640 px (width) x 480 px (height)
  • Snapshot Format: PNG
  • Cached for: 7 days
Status Idle.