Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

What is YottaSnap?

YottaSnap is a software-as-a-service application that helps to take snapshots of a web pages. Other than the rich API, there is also a simple online tool that anyone can use to take snapshots easily with zero programming effort.

And if you are wondering who created YottaSnap, it is a project that we, Beyotta Services developed as part of a complete solution, and is currently managed by Beyotta Network, our internal hosting partner.

Why is it free? Is there a catch?

The truth is that we need both testers and users, so that we could improve and enhance the platform over time.

And in regards to the "catch", yes there is actually ONE, that is we do not offer support of any kind on the use of YottaSnap service. This means that if you choose to write application based on the service, you will have to do it on your own and we will not help you in debugging your application. Having said that, we do provide support on the platform issues, such as cases where the service is down, or the service is broken.

Why is Flash player not showing?

Flash is a sunsetting technology. Major browsers stop supporting it from 2016, and we have also decided to follow suit to stop supporting it from version 1.20a. If you know someone who is still deploying such technology - please advise the owner to use HTML5 instead.