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A more memorable Internet

YottaSnap is a web service that aims at providing site builders and web professionals a simple way to take website snapshots with ease. It is fast, efficient, reliable, secure and highly customizable.

Standard features
  • NEW! YottaSnap service is now FREE of charge perpetually.
  • NEW! API now supports calls from both REST and SOAP.
  • Free web-based tool to take snapshot with no coding effort.
  • No advertisements and watermarks in all snapshot images.
  • Supports pages with Flash and Silverlight (on Internet Explorer snapshot engine only) contents.
  • Various sizes (128x128 to 16384x16384) and formats (JPG or PNG).
  • Free storage of up to 1 year for unlimited number of snapshot images.
  • Seamless integration with ASP.Net or any clients with REST or SOAP support.

Unique features
  • NEW! Ability to select IE-based or Chromium-based snapshot engine.
  • Takes snapshot of pages requiring form login authentication.
  • Wide range of resizing modes.
  • Privacy respected - we do not share what you have captured in your account.
  • Special administration interface to customize snapshot settings by host names.
  • API transmits requests securely through HTTPS/SSL.

It is free to test YottaSnap, there is no registration required at all. However if you would like to apply customized values to any of the snapshot parameters, you will need to register yourself an account at our online centralized customer service center. Account registration is free, and of course the use of YottaSnap service is also free.

Latest updates

14, May 2017

Oh yes we are still alive. We just pushed through version 1.20a, a subversion that disables the Flash plugin support. All the rest remains the same for now.

12, December 2012

YottaSnap is now version 1.20.

26, September 2010

There will be a scheduled downtime on 03/Oct/2010 (Sunday) 1700 (GMT+8) for a duration of 3 hours. YottaSnap will be unavailable during this time while we upgrade our servers.

16, July 2010

We have just patched the Try for Free page as there were reports on malfunction tests. It should be working normally now.

15, July 2010

YottaSnap is now version 1.10.

Apart from introducing some new features, we have also simplified the charging scheme and reduced the credit requirements to a maximum of 3 credits per request.

08, June 2010

YottaSnap is now operational.

As a celebration of the official opening of YottaSnap along with GSS, we are running a limited time promotion from now till 25-Jul-2010, which all credit top-up will be allocated a 15% more credits than usual.

Do take this fantastic opportunity to grab your credits before the promotion goes away.